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A temporary erosion and sediment control filter device allows water to flow through at a controlled rate while separating and retaining sediment and pollutants.


What is erosion control silt sock?

Silt socks, alternatively referred to as sediment socks, silt tubes, or sediment logs, find widespread use as erosion control mechanisms in construction, landscaping, and environmental restoration endeavors. Comprising geotextile fabric filled with substances such as wood chips, compost, or other organic matter, these versatile tools serve a range of purposes. Their primary objective is to thwart soil erosion and facilitate the effective management of sediment and stormwater.

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Erosion Control

Silt socks are primarily used to control erosion in construction sites, along slopes, riverbanks, and shorelines. They help to stabilize soil and prevent sediment runoff, which can damage the environment and water quality.

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Sediment & Pollution Control

Silt socks trap sediment and pollutants from stormwater runoff, preventing them from entering nearby water bodies. This helps maintain water quality and reduces the impact of construction or land disturbance on aquatic ecosystems.

Vegetative Support

Silt socks can be used in conjunction with seeding or planting to support vegetation establishment. They provide a stable environment for grasses and other plants to take root, which further contributes to erosion control.

Perimeter Control

Silt socks can be placed around the perimeter of construction sites to create a barrier that prevents soil and sediment from leaving the site during rainfall or strong winds.

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Drainage Management

Silt socks can be strategically placed to divert or slow the flow of water, thereby preventing erosion in ditches, culverts, and other drainage areas.

Reclamation and Restoration

Reclamation & Restoration

Silt socks are used in environmental restoration projects to stabilize soil and control erosion on degraded lands, such as wetlands, stream banks, or mine reclamation sites.

DOT and Transportation

DOT & Transportation

Many state Departments of Transportation (DOT) use silt socks as part of their erosion control and stormwater management strategies for road construction and maintenance.

Agricultural Applications


In farming, silt socks can be employed to control erosion in areas with row crops, orchards, or vineyards, providing protection against runoff and soil loss.

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Silt Socks Fabric

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Widely used in a variety of landscape applications
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We are a manufacturer who can supply a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) netting. The netting we produced is round in cross section, and comes in rolls. Our client filled with an organic filler and sell as an erosion control devise.


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