Silt Sock 18″ | Empty 18 inch Silt Sock Fabric

Material: High Density Polypropylene
UV Protection: UV Stabilized
Logo: Can be Customized
Origins: Made in China
Color: Black
Fabric Type: Ultra
Weight: 21.5kg/roll
Length: 336.3ft ~ 369.1ft
Logo Quantity: Around 140/rolls


Silt Socks permit water to move through at a controlled rate while catching dregs. This is refined by a channel texture loaded up with natural material. The plan of the sock gives private contact the ground keeping water from streaming under.


Fabricate the finest materials available with top quality a priority at all times!

18 inch silt sock fabric
Custom Printing available a very cost effective form of advertising your business!

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Disclaimer: Life expectancy will vary with your type of application, region and local climatic conditions and should be used as a guide. All information supplied is considered to be true and accurate. Any non-standard conditions that may affect the application of the fabrics should be consulted with us: [email protected]

We believe in the use of natural materials to develop our insulation and landscaping products, that’s why we’re passionate about using HDPE (High-Density Polypropylene). Mother Nature’s finest resource is sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly.

We take pride in minimizing environmental impact in our manufacturing process and that our products help others to do the same-through saving energy in healthier home environments. We operate a zero-waste policy. It’s time all businesses are held accountable to adopt more healthy and environmentally friendly practices and products to ensure we maintain land that is fit for future generations.

Our compost fillter socks protects streams, rivers, lakes, storm drainage systems, and other water resources from pollution by silt, sediment, and construction debris. We offered Silt Socks Fabric 5 inch, Silt Socks Fabric 8 inch, Silt Socks Fabric 12 inch and Silt Socks Fabric 18 inch.

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